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Knights of Columbus

Guardian Angels
1161 Broughton
Vancouver, BC V6G 2B3

The Knights of Columbus are Catholic men of faith and men of charitable action. Membership in the Knights of Columbus provides an association with brotherly companions. It offers the opportunity for fellowship with those of the same belief who recognize the same duty to God, to family and to neighbour, and who stand with those who share those beliefs. Programs are organized to appeal to the individual interests of the members and to enable them to render service to their church, their country, and their fellow men. Regularly-scheduled times of prayer and devotion are also part of the Knights’ charism, helping brothers to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

At Guardian Angels Parish, the Knights of Columbus (KoC) has had an active affiliation to our parish and they do a lot more than pancake breakfasts. KoC Council 14723 are currently welcoming new members who are practicing Catholics and interested in making our community stronger. 

For information regarding the Knights call Keith Baia at 519-615-1721, Barry Wingo at  604-767-6496 or visit If you just happen to have shoe-boxes full of old postage stamps, consider donating to our Parish council of KoC. The stamps would be put up for auction and all proceeds will go to the KoC Vocation Fund. There is a stamp box in the vestibule at the back of the church or pass them along to Guardian Angels Sacristy steward Terry O’Neil.

Our Mission is to provide men of our parish an opportunity to live out their Faith through acts of charity and service to our parishioners and local community. 

Charitable service is the core commitment of our council members and the primary way we are able to demonstrate our faith and act as Jesus has commanded. The activities and service we participate in are to support our parish priest, Father John Pinto, parishioners and our local community. We encourage men of our parish who desire to answer the call of Jesus to join us and share some of their time to assist with our charitable activities. 

To support parishioner fellowship we provide a pancake breakfast several times throughout the year. This is one of our primary fundraising activities in which we ask for donations for the breakfast meal. We also now offer a coffee hour to allow parishioners to gather and share in fellowship after our 11:00 am Sunday mass. Funds raised through donations are used to support our charitable activities. 

Through our Faith In Action programs we support a number of charitable activities in our parish and community. Our longest running program has been the Vocation Fund Program from which we provide financial support for seminarian education and training in our diocese. For the past 10 years we have provided $1500 annually to support young men in their call to the priesthood. Through our Food for Families program we offer our time and resources to support the parish Community Cupboard and the Mana Ministry. Combined with parishioner donations of food items and our Knights time and resources we assist in maintaining the supplies in the Community Cupboard, we prepare lunch for the homeless at the Door is Open through our Mana Ministry and support Birthright through our Aid and Support after Pregnancy Program. 

We actively support the Legion of Mary in the recitation of the Rosary at weekday mass and assist Father John during the Adoration of the Eucharist. During each Lenten season we assist in leading the Stations of the Cross and provide a small meal afterwards for fellowship. 

We have additional Faith in Action programs we continue to develop to support our parishioners. We hope the men of our parish will come forward to assist us in our mission in assisting others. As more men join our council, our efforts will be multiplied to assist many more people. If you are one of the men of our parish or know of one who wishes to be part of an active faith driven group of men, come and join our efforts to provide for others.